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About Us

Kalivalson individually source each design to offer the consumer the highest quality product made from the finest of materials. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Italy. We offer something different for someone who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Kalivalson opened in 1991, the business owners Elizabeth Valgolio and Kathryn Hanson had an eye for high quality fashion pieces and a drive for sales. Originally, Kalivalson only sold belts, but in 1994 Handbags and accessories were introduced to the range.

Today Kalivalson boast the finest artisan leather handbags made from many types of leather and finish. Silk scarves with particular prints and a vast range of Cashmere and fur accessories. Only the finest grade materials are used to achieve a fantastic design and a premium quality.

Each season the collection is collated following visits to Mipel in Milan, along with factory visits to all our long term suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us for any bespoke pieces as our artisans will consider all requests.